The 3Gas+ alarm is connected to the 12V/24V supply of the vehicle.
The alarm should be installed 30 cm in height above the floor.

In order to make optimal use of a gas alarm in general, it is strongly recommended to work with two sensors. (The alarm + an extra optional sensor) We recommend that the alarm is installed at a height of 30cm above the floor for falling gasses and the optional additional sensor at minimum of 1.50 high from the floor and at least 20 cm below the ceiling.

For a faultless alarm operation ambient air must not contain environmentally harmful gases. Naturally, the operation of the alarm for your safety should be checked regularly. You can do this by turning on the alarm and wait until the green LED remains shining after the self-test. Then press the button of a gas-lighter next to the lateral openings of the 3Gas+ alarm. (only gas, no flames)  After a few seconds you will hear the 40 seconds during pre-alarm, wich will be followed by the alarm, if you keep on steaming the gas into the casing.

Technical data

  • Voltage 12Vdc – 24Vdc
  • Current consumption in standby mode 100mA
  • Current consumption in alarm 180mA
  • Signal: 80dB
  • Sensitivity about 95ppm EEC
  • Connection cable red = +; Connection cable black = –
  • Conformity 89 / 336EEC, 93 / 68EEC