+ Option: (additional extra sensor) 

Broad spectrum:

Because some gases rise and some gases fall, it is possible to improve the operation of the additional gas
alarm by placing an extra (optional) sensor that can be mounted at a different height or position.

The extra sensors detect all the same gases as the main alarm. It is possible to connect 2 extra sensors per main alarm for example on another height or in a different room.

In order to make optimal use of a gas alarm in general, it is strongly recommended to work with two sensors. (The alarm + an extra optional sensor) We recommend that the alarm is installed at a height of 30cm above the floor for falling gasses and the optional additional sensor at minimum of 1.50 high from the floor and at least 20 cm below the ceiling.

Foto van caravan met alarm

Specific CO:

For faster detection of CO we recommend installing the additional CO sensor, as CO gas is lighter than air.