3Gas+ The smallest professional 12V/24V gas detector for your motorhome, caravan, boat or holidayhome Where to buy?

Peace of mind during your vacation, while sleeping, for you, your kids, your pets.

Very important. Gases are unintentional, dangerous to humans and animals at the time of leakage and faults in equipment, cylinders or pipes. Besides accidental situations are gases such as Ether also increasingly used to make people unconscious for committing robberies.

The 3Gas+ alarm is:

  • is designed to alert you in all these cases

  • is the newest and most innovative alarm which is suitable for both falling and rising gases, due to the optional second sensor

  • is a very small alarm, with a modern design that fits into any interior

3Gas+ Alarm, boot, caravan, camper, propaan, butaan, sensor, slaapgass

The 3Gas + alarm detects all of the following gases:

  • LPG (both butane / propane) in case of accidental leakage from a device, cylinder or pipe.
  • Carbon Monoxide (CO) – which can be generated by a gas-fired appliance that is not properly ventilated or that has insufficient fresh air supply for the combustion process
  • Narcotic “knock-out” gases such as Ether – used in robberies to make victims unconscious.

The sensor is extremely sensitive, and warns for even the smallest gas concentrations. The operation of the sensor is checked at each start-up, and the automatic calibration process tests every 40 seconds if the setting is still correct and if a change is necessary. Light and sound signals ensure the user a proper working.

When the 3Gas+ alarm detects a gas concentration in the ambient air, it will generate a 40 second during pre-alarm. If the gas concentration remains constant during the pre-alarm or is increasing, the alarm is activated with a continuous alarm tone and the red LED constantly shines. If the gas concentration after the alarm has disappeared, the 3Gas+ alarm will return to the stand-by mode.

Because some gases rise and some gases fall, it is possible to improve the operation of the additional gas alarm by placing an extra (optional) sensor that can be mounted at a different height or position.

3GAS round3GAS+ squareExtra sensor 3GAS+
Detect Propane and Butane
Detect Carbon Monoxide (CO)
Detect “knockout” gasses
Attach up to 2 extra sensors
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